How often do I pay for my domain?

Domain registration and renewal are billed annually. When you register a domain with Internetbs you are purchasing it for a full billing cycle, which is typically a year.

You are not billed for the domain renewal until the end of the registration period, and then the renewal for which you are billed covers another year.

Can I change my billing date or amount?

Because renewal billing is tied to a domain's registration date, we cannot change the billing date, e.g. to have multiple domains billed together on the same date.

We cannot bill monthly or only bill for a portion of the registration period if you don't need the domain anymore before the registration period expires.

How to check the domain's expiry / renewal date

If you are not sure when your domain(s) expires, you can check that, and the next billing date, in your account with us.

If you have received an email notification about your domain being at risk of expiring, but any or all of these are true, it's a scam, and you can ignore it.

  • It's not clear that it's from us, or there's an unfamiliar company name.
  • The renewal or service price is quite expensive or an odd amount.
  • You don't think your domain is due for renewal or already recently paid for your renewal.
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