How do I transfer a domain to another registrar?

Transfers from Internetbs to another registrar are initiated at the new, receiving registrar, not in our system.

For most outgoing transfers you will need an authorization code, also known as an auth code, transfer auth code, transfer code, EPP code, or other terms. This code is located in your dashboard.

For many types of domains you will need to unlock the domain, and when the page refreshes, the code will be displayed in the dashboard to the right of the Transfer Auth Code. Please note that for security we cannot email this code to you.

To access your authorization code,

  • Login to your account,
  • Click on the domain,
  • Under Advanced Options click on EPP Auth Info and here you will get the EPP Authorization code.

Note that some ccTLD registries do not provide a transfer lock service, so those domains will not need to be unlocked before transfer, nor can they be.

Once you have copied the code, leave the domain unlocked, as that is required for transfer.

Domain transfers for gTLD domains like .COM and most types of extensions that are not the two-letter country code types, aka ccTLDs, do not require email transfer confirmation anymore via email sent to the registrant email address due to GDPR regulations.

You will then use the authorization code at the new registrar to initiate the transfer. Please note that gTLDs and some other domains can't be transferred if:

  • the domain has been registered within the last 60 days
  • the domain has had a change to the owner/registrant details within the last 60 days
  • the domain was transferred to Internetbs within the last 60 days.


This is ICANN/registry policy over which we do not have any influence.

Once the transfer is initiated, you can contact our support and request to approve the outgoing transfer.  If you do not manually approve the transfer, it will complete automatically, but not for 5-7 days.

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