How do I transfer a domain to Internetbs?

The process to transfer domains is a bit different depending on whether you have a gTLD – types like .COM, .NET, .ORG, or newer types like .PIZZA or .PHOTOS – or a ccTLD – two-letter country code extensions like .FR, .IT, or .DE.

The process to transfer a gTLD domain is pretty standardized and we have a guide for that. 

Every ccTLD registry has its own rules and processes, so let us know if you have any questions about a ccTLD transfer.

If you have a different type of domain name or you are not sure what is required, just let us know and we are happy to help.

  • To transfer a domain, the domain has to be unlocked, and the EPP Auth Info (also called EPP Code, Transfer password and Auth Information) has to be obtained from the current Registrar.
  • To initiate a domain transfer, please go to: and initiate a transfer.
  • Enter the domain name and proceed to pay the fees for the transfer.
  • After payment you will be asked to enter the EPP Auth Information and the WHOIS information for the domain.
  • If the domain is unlocked at the current registrar, and the EPP code is correct, we will initiate a transfer at the registry and it will be completed after 5 full days.
  • You may be able to speed the transfer up by contacting the current registrar and asking them to manually approve the transfer. If they do this for you, the transfer will be completed in a couple minutes after.

Transfer of fees cover a year's renewal for the domain. The renewal is added and the transfer fee is billed only when the transfer completes successfully. You will be emailed a notification and receipt then as well. Domains that have free transfers are not renewed when transferred.

We also recommend checking with your old registrar if they offer a function to manually approve and complete the transfer right away. Some do, some don't. If not, a transfer will complete automatically in 5-7 days after initiation.That can lead to downtime for websites or email. If that's a concern, let us know and we can help prevent downtime.

There are circumstances under which gTLD domains cannot be transferred. This is called a 60-day transfer lock, because a domain is locked for that long if:

  • it was registered less than 60 days ago
  • it was transferred between registrars less than 60 days ago
  • its registrant/owner details were changed less than 60 days ago

Similar rules can apply to some ccTLDs, but not all of them.

Once a transfer is completed, you may need to update your domain's nameservers in your dashboard. Domains transfer over with their previous nameservers, so if you are not using that hosting service anymore, the domain will stop working.

If you will be connecting your domain to a service or platform with DNS records, you would just update to our nameservers by clicking on update nameservers from your domain's dashboard when you are logged in to your account. If you are changing to a new hosting provider, you would add their nameservers. We're happy to advise if you are not sure which you need.

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