How to renew a domain name?

All domains are set to renew automatically by default when you register them.  So if you want your domain to renew, and your credit card details are up to date in your account, or you have added prepaid funds, you don't have to do anything.

 To renew your domain:

  • Login to your account, and click on your domain name
  • Click on ‘Renew NOW’ button
  • Select the number of years you wish to renew and then follow the payment options.

Our renewal processes are set up to ensure you are notified early if there are any renewal issues, well before your domain(s) is at risk of expiring. If we are unable to bill the credit card on file, we'll notify you via email. It's important to ensure your account login and notification email addresses are up to date so we can contact you.


Why renew in advance?

If your domain name has auto renewal enabled, we charge for domain renewals approximately one day prior to the expiry date to ensure that there's plenty of time to resolve any billing issues that may arise, missed notifications, expired credit cards, required authorization, etc. It's a lot cheaper and less frustrating than restoring an expired domain.

Please note that you will not lose any previously paid term. An additional full 12-month registration is always added onto any existing registration period remaining at the time we bill you.

Also, nothing to worry about if you don't see the domain's expiry date updated in your dashboard or in WHOIS records right away. Registries typically don't update that date until the old expiry date arrives, even though everything's already been done for the renewal.


Multi-year registrations or renewals

We currently only register and renew domains automatically for one year at a time. However, you can manually register or renew domain names for a maximum of 10 years.

We've found that longer registration periods lead to a higher chance of customers losing or forgetting their account details or missing notifications and ultimately letting their domains expire due to outdated contact information or expired credit card details.

The annual notifications serve as a reminder of sorts to keep everything up to date. Or, if something unexpected happens and the domain is no longer needed, it can be cancelled with no time/money lost.

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