What are the different prices that you have mentioned on your pricing page?

At Internetbs, you can enjoy volume based discounts based on the number of domains you manage with us. These savings are automatically applied to your account and can be used for new registrations, renewals and transfer-ins.

We offer these discounts to all customers, regardless of the payment method you use. We recommend consolidating your portfolio at Internetbs to make the most of these volume based discounts.


We have 3 types of pricing tiers which you can find by visiting:


Member pricing is for any customer with less than 100 names

Investor pricing is for customers who have 100 to 500 names with us.

Insider pricing is for customers who have more than 500 domains with us. 


* Just a heads up, our Tiered Discounts cannot be combined with any other promotions. We will charge you the lowest price available - whether that's the promo price or the price after the tiered discounts have been applied.


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